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. taking a look at the temperatures. this is extreme weather. it's 70 degrees in atlanta. 28 in kansas city. up here, temperatures are well below zero again. that's not wind chill. that's air temperature. cold and warm never like to clash. doesn't matter what season it is. when they touch each other, when there is a big enough cold front you can always get the threat of tornadoes. >> where do we think the threat is going? >> the cells are ahead of the line moving through alabama into georgia. atlanta will be affected in the next two, three hour. maybe less if a storm pops up not on radar at this point. the storms are rotating, so the storm itself is going around. the back of the storm becomes a meso cyclone or a low pressure system. if you are in the tornado watch box buy an app for the smartphone, get an old weather radio. keep it on if you are in the warm zone. in the cold zone, you're clear. you may get snow. if you walk outside and go, man, it's hot today. why is it hot? if you're saying that, you are in the danger zone. >> i said it this morning. it's warm in atlanta. we'll watch and w
the faithful. >> reporter: it's what he does after he scores touchdown. look at the fans here in atlanta, already trying to perfect it. >> reporter: as for the dame, under heavy security, here they were arriving after an hour and a half walk-through. the coach was the only one who satisfied the autograph seekers. >> got a good tough offense. i don't think their defense can handle it. >> reporter: meantime at the airport, 49er fans have arrived. >> quest for six, new orleans- style. don't give up. >> reporter: you came from utah? >> salt lake city, utah. >> the 49ers will win sunday why? >> because smith is going to do his thing. as long as they do their thing, the defense steps up and do what they did last week and the offense is going to step up. we're going to be all right. >> reporter: not quite, but this will do. one more trip to new orleans and super bowl xlvii. in atlanta, cbs 5. >> and for more on the 49er's post-season coverage and to up load your own photos, go to our website. i am hoping that some day, maybe we can do you to do some. >
! where is there still opportunity? you think you expect new york, atlanta and chicago to rise? you think there is still good opportunities there? >> that's right. of those three, new york, chicago, and atlanta those are interesting markets because they're ones that are still seeing home price depreciation in many parts of those markets and are definitely the laggards of the top 30 metro. those are praises where the home market, the housing market is not yet fully recovered. we still have a lot of foreclosures and a lot of negative equity. they will do quite well. they will do okay in 2013. they will do better after that. all three markets. at least chicago and new york are a little more, have more headwinds and they're in, they have a lot of judicial forechrous sure, processes which means there is a long pipeline of foreclosures. that tends to cloud the markets a little bit. melissa: why are you so positive on atlanta? >> well, atlanta i would say has had a very long housing recession. it has been a little bit of a sleeper in terms of hard hit markets. typically we talk about vegas, phoe
look outside on the embarcardero, and this is a ferry building in red and gold. >> and atlanta city hall, too. >> we have sprinkles this morning and possibly during your morning commute and heavy rain is possible later this afternoon. >> vallejo police are racing to hire new officers before retirements reduce the size of the force to 1970's level down to 87 officers, although the city has enough money to 98 cops. the force is ready to hire three former vallejo police cadets but six current officers will retire by may and that will drop the number of officers to 84th lowest since 1973. the number of officers was at height in 2008 at 143 before the recession forced the city into bankruptcy. >> forecasters expect a deadly cold front to grip the midwest and east coast into this weekend. wind chill readings dropped to 30 below in minnesota, the cold being blamed if throw deaths. ice and white out caused three major chain reaction pileups in ohio and a 12-year-old died in this 86-vehicle wreck near cincinnati. 20 others were hurt. schools closed in some areas because of icy roads and subd
for today. in the southeast we're going to look for dry weather, cool, 52 in atlanta, 53 in memphis. but, of course we head north, and that's where the bitter chill will be. we'll continue to see strong lake-effect snows continuing. cleveland, only 18 today, 16 in pittsburgh. new york city, we're looking for a high of around 21. only 18 in boston. a look at montreal won't get above zero, forecast minus 6 there. across the midwest, especially across chicago, not a lot better. a high of 24. minneapolis, it's only going to be near 8 degrees. you can see the warmer weather across the plains. again, it's been pretty quiet in the midwest, but a new storm headed in and rain in portland and seattle and snow in the mountains. i'm david bernard, cbs news, miami. >>> well, this morning the house is expected to vote on a temporary extension of the nation's debt limit. the republican-sponsored bill would extend the u.s. borrowing limit for three months. without the extension the u.s. would be unable to pay its bills, including unemployment benefits and social security. the white
's team workout is the first one since winning the nfc championship last sunday in atlanta. you can see it's a little cloudy at the 9ers facility in santa clara. the practice was moved up 30 minutes to avoid even the possibility of rain. the team has work to do as you might know in the next few days. the 9ers are set to fly to new orleans on sunday. >>> san francisco congresswoman nancy pelosi says picking out her favorite team for the super bowl was not easy even though she is a baltimore native. >> i'm wearing red. that's the 49ers color. let me say this and i tell this to mr. hoyer when he said he wanted to make a wager. i said i'm not -- i'm rooting for the 49ers, i'm not rooting against baltimore. i'm so proud of them. but my constituency is san francisco. [ laughter ] >> she is a smart woman. by the way, it was easy to make that decision as you just heard. her father was the mayor of baltimore if you didn't know. he even built the city's memorial stadium. but pelosi said her heart is always in san francisco because her constituents are her
dangerous and potentially deadly. john roberts in our atlanta newsroom tonight. home of the cdc. hey, john. >> geographic to you, shep. those numbers particularly among high school girls are very troubling. believe it or not it gets worse as the get older. one in five figure for high school girls. by the time they get into college and working world. that number increases in one in four. the heaviest drinkers tend to be white women followed by hispanic women and as they get into the working world, they have more disposable enemy, more money to buy alcohol. the heaviest drinkers tend to have an income of $75,000 and above. now, all of this as can you imagine has serious potential health consequences. accord to the cdc, 12,000 young women die every year from binge drinking. and there are plenty of other things besides death disease-related to worry about according to dr. tom freidman who is the head of the cdc. here is what he tell me. >> when men and women binge drink they are more likely to have particular problems for girls. unintended pregnancy, sexually transmitted infections, violence,
it really should be. >> jonathan mann joins us live from atlanta. jonathan, this is just such a perplexing story. blindness aside, these twins had no other ailment seemingly. their health was fine, and yet legally this was allowed to be carried out? >> reporter: absolutely right. they weren't in pain and had long years ahead of them, but under belgium law, severe psychological suffering is enough to justify a doctor's decision, if they want to make that decision, to help patients commit suicide, and that's, in fact, what happened. and to make a point, they couldn't hear. they were losing their sight. but they used sign language as deaf people, as blind-deaf people and there are terns of thousands of them in the united states. they could have used tactile forms of sign language. it really was a very particular decision and not one that agrees with people's instincts about right and wrong. >> you alluded to it, that the doctors agreed. is that a moral decision the doctors have to make there? or are they required to do as they're asked by the citizenry? >> reporter: there is a law in belgium
at a middle school in atlanta. that's straight ahead here in "the situation room." >>> the senate has just followed the house of representatives in the past legislation extending the nation's debt ceiling, this time at least until may 19th. but for practical purposes, probably a few months longer than that. the vote in the senate, 64-34. the bill passed the house next week and will sign it into law. there will be an increase in the nation's debt limit, at least for the next few months. they will battle over this later down the road. other news we're following, three stories involving high-profile shootings at a time when the nation is struggling with the issue of guns. lisa sylvester is monitoring that. some of the other top stories in "the situation room." lisa, what's the latest? >> at least one person has been shot at a middle school in atlanta. the victim was conscious and breathing when taken to a local hospital. the suspected gunman is believed to be a student and is in custody. >>> police outside of dallas are investigating the shooting of a prosecutor. district attorney mark haas w
cnn world headquarters in atlanta this is early start weekend. partisan, unpopular, ineffective. some of the words used to describe congress all morning long. we'll go in focus on whether the house of representatives is more like a house of cards. >> guess who's going to north korea and has the state department steaming. here's a hint. he runs a search engine company you likely use every day. >>> and nba cheerleading coach desiree is back. she'll explain those work out myths that are keeping you from the body you want. >>> it is saturday, january 5th. good morning everyone. i'm randi kaye. >> i'm victor blackwell. good to be with you. we haven't been in these seats together for sometime. >> no. it's been a little bit. >> good to be back. we'll start this morning with breaking news. >>> a tsunami warning is in effect after a massive 7.5 magnitude earthquake hit off the southern coast of alaska. it happened around 4:00 a am eastern this morning. officials urge anyone in the warning area to move inland and find higher ground. joining me on the phone this morning is geo physicist randy ba
is live in atlanta on this story now. what happened, elizabeth? >> reporter: melinda herman was home alone with her children last friday when she called her husband donnie. he was at work in atlanta. they live 45 minutes west of atlanta. she heard an intruder break it into her home. that is when she called her husband. the phone call you're listening to is between her husband and the 911 operator. he was on another phone. he had just taken his wife to a gun range to teach her how to shoot the gun. listen. >> he is in the bedroom. relax. just remember, everything that i showed you. everything that i taught you, all right? she shot him. she is shooting him. she's shooting him. she's shooting him. she's shooting him. >> okay. shoe shoot him gain!. shoot him! oh, no. >> she came out of the attic. she is screaming at him? >> she shot him a lot. >> reporter: police say melinda herman shot paul slater five times hitting him in the face. the mug shot we have is from 2008. bill? bill: just to be clear, elizabeth. he is talking to 911 operate or one phone and listening to his wife on another is that
around the world. i'm brooke baldwin at the cnn world headquarters in atlanta. >> and i'm jake tapper in washington. any minute inside this room on capitol hill testimony, four months in the making, secretary of state hillary clinton will testify before the house foreign affairs committee about what happened on september 11th of last year, the day when these four americans, ambassador chris stevens, shawn smith, tyrone woods and glen doherty were killed at the u.s. mission in benghazi, libya. >> jake, i want to bring you back in and bring in our chief congressional correspondent dana bash so we can have this whole conversation as we're watching and awaiting the secretary of state there to testify before the house foreign affairs committee. and, dana bash, do we have you seated? >> i am, hi, brooke. >> nice to see you. as we await what will possibly be a little bit more fiery, right, questioning from members of the house as opposed to what we saw with the senate foreign relations committee earlier this morning, first, just give me a little bit of a preview, what are you hearing, what a
. atlanta and st. louis, a little bit of sunshine, 48 and 26. partly sunny in denver as well. 61 the high. seattle, cloudy, 46 the high there. >>> well, medical research has advanced so much that testing animals could become obsolete. in a group advising the national institutes of health says that hundreds of chimps who've spent their lives who were poked and prodded should be retired. anna werner visited their home. >> reporter: more than 400 chimpanzees have been retired from research and could be located at a sanctuary. linda brent created it after working with government chimps at laboratory. it bothered you. >> sure, sure. that's what spurs people on the do great things, and so i think that's very true for me. >> reporter: the 200-acre sanctuary gives the chimps their first chance to live outside cages. >> we want to give the chimpanzees opportunities to like they would have if they were in africa. to be able to replicate those kinds of environments and behaviors, you have to give them space, you have to give them opportunities, and you have to give them an o
in the future, right? jonathan serrie is live in atlanta with more on this how would they learn from the pilots, john than? >> reporter: if you go inside of a cockpit you see the pilots are going over checklists to make sure all of their equipment is working properly and that all of the pilots are on board with the same flight plan. well now doctors are finding that they can drastically reduce surgical errors by adopting a few simple yet highly effective practices. watch. nascar pit crews use them. pilots use them. and now doctors are starting to use checklists to reduce medical errors. >> the data shows decreased mortality. decreased complications for our patients and that is the most important thing. >> reporter: dr. john sweeney employs checklists before, during and after surgeries at emory university hospital making sure his team performs the correct procedure on the right patient and counting each item used in the surgery. >> the role of the checklist is to help take care of simple things so the health care team can really focus on the areas that need their brilliance and need improvizatio
this party in georgia institute of technology in atlanta. the wal-mart on campus concept as a test format that focuses on pharmacy, a basic grocery, health and beauty aids and general merchandise products. the georgia tech outlet will be 25 but we're feet. wal-mart neighborhood market average 40,000 square feet. >> hope you stocked up on forever stamps because if you did not, you are about to take the next time you mail. the u.s. postal service is upping the cost of a step by a penny to 46¢ for a letter and 33¢ for a postcard. the change takes effect sunday. if it seems like the price of stamps just went up recently you are not far off. it was one year ago this week when we saw the latest 1¢ a bump. >> still ahead: luxuries right off the lot. now hayward police are investigating how well cars disappear. details on the investigation--. we will have more on your whether. koi??çóÑk?wç >> we're back at 4:44. >> let us get to the weather center. erica is keeping an eye on storm tracker 4. we have showers not white. >> most of the monster we are seeing is off shore pipit we have a light
from atlanta. >> i know you're probably wondering when are we going to start to see some warmer temperatures. we are still dealing with the bitter cold out there and this is still going to be dangerous. look at some of the windchills that have been reported over the last six hours. minus 20 in oakland, pennsylvania. look at the numbers for parts of the midwest. we have 7 degrees in minneapolis, certainly an improvement over the last couple days. but keep in mind we are still talking about wind out there and it that wind is what's providing that deadly windchill. we talked about this over the last couple days. say if you're outside for roughly about ten minutes and minus 30 windchill, you could suffer frostbite. if you look across parts of the northeast, all that cold air has been spread over toward areas like pennsylvania as well as new york where we have a reading of 6 degrees right now in altoona, scranton, and you add in the wind, it feels like minus 6. for new york, i imagine going out to work this morning, it was mighty cold out there. my in us 1 feels like there. and for a
and largely they're right. >> vandike's film is set to debut online in february. nick valencia, cnn, atlanta. >>> could the u.s. debt crisis be solved with a single coin? maybe. if it's truly a dollar coin. sounds crazy, but it is completely legal. again? it's embarrassing it's embarrassing! we can see you carl. we can totally see you. come on you're better than this...all that prowling around. yeah, you're the king of the jungle. have you thought about going vegan carl? hahaha!! you know folks who save hundreds of dollars by switching to geico sure are happy. how happy are they jimmy? happier than antelope with night-vision goggles. nice! get happy. get geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more. [ male announcer ] how do you turn an entrepreneur's dream... ♪ into a scooter that talks to the cloud? ♪ or turn 30-million artifacts... ♪ into a high-tech masterpiece? ♪ whatever your business challenge, dell has the technology and services to help you solve it. >>> venezuelanan's rally today for hugo chavez. chav chavez's health is tragedy i will following his fourth c
be known as a rapper, but here in atlanta, he has 11 kids and baby mama. >> steve: a woman who has never petitioned anything in her life is fighting back on this one. she'll be here live. >> gretchen: he's obama's pick for secretary of defense. but some of the president's own party say they don't like him as that role. a democratic senator with big concerns joins us next my wife takes centrum silver. i've been on the fence about it. then i read an article about a study that looked at the long term health benefits of taking multivitamins. they used centrum silver for the study... so i guess my wife was right. [ male announcer ] centrum. always your most complete. who emailed it to emily, who sent it to cindy, who wondered why her soup wasn't quite the same. the recipe's not the recipe... ohhh. [ female announcer ] ...without swanson. the broth cooks trust most when making soup. mmmm! [ female announcer ] the secret is swanson. i just got start and i'm like "hey, that first 20 came off, well it wasn't too hard at all." i love breads. you can still eat bread. i love my sweets. i can still h
out in time, montgomery, alabama, atlanta, georgia, d.c. could see several inches of snow. we'll be busy over the next 24-48 hours tracking this next storm system. >> all of us used to dream snow in dixie. good to see you. >>> another problem with one of boeing's dream liner jets, 787, this time pilots had to make an emergency landing. also a helicopter crash right in the middle of one of the world's busiest cities. latest from investigators at the scene coming up. [ male announcer ] ahh... retirement. sit back, relax, pull out the paper and...what!!?? an article that says a typical family pays $155,000 in "wall street" fees on their 401(k)s? seriously? seriously. you don't believe it? search it, "401k 155k." then go to e-trade. and roll over your old 401(k)s to a new e-trade retirement account. we have every type of retirement account. none of them charge annual fees, and all of them offer low cost investments. why? because we're not your typical wall street firm, that's why. so you keep more of your money. e-trade. less for us. more for you. that's why. so you keep more of y
plans today, the east coast including atlanta to d.c., even new york, a few delays possible. even heavier rain at times as well. >> i love how this guy did this. this went on for the entire morning show. he even made graphics for the changing photograph of his mood. >> this is how i felt this morning. this is how i felt when i realized i could draw everything and when i realized we're getting the computers back, this is how i feel right now. >> i like the hair >>> out front, militants are holding several americans hostage. the leader of an islamist group tells me it is because the west joins the war in mali. >>> president obama proposes 23 executive actions to cut gun violence. >>> good evening. i'm erin brunette. americans held hostage. islamic militants claim on the desert. >>> the best information that we have at this time is that u.s. citizens are among the hostages in order to protect their safety, i will not get into numbers or names. >> the number of american hostages has been fluid. an islamic military leader told us there were seven. they tell us there could be as few as
to the northeast of us. if you have travel plans today, the east coast, including atlanta over towards d.c., maybe even new york, a few delays possible with some rain. even some heavier rain at times as well. >> i love how this guy did this. this went on throughout the entire morning show as they scrambled to get computers back up and running. he even made graphics of the changing forecast of his mood. >> this is how i felt this morning. this is how i felt when i realized i could draw everything, and when i realized we're finally getting the computers back, this is how i feel right now. >> i like the hair color. >> well, i had to utilize the blue highlighter. >> finally, after an hour and a half, the computer was finally fixed. but the question was would it work? >> see if it works. ready? go back to weather one. >> there it is! >> we got it. >> excellent. >> thank you to everybody involved this morning. >> i like yours better. >> i got to say, i kind of like the hand drawn ones better myself. it kind of makes me want to set up a pictionary game between that guy and chad myers. i'm just thankful i
to the south and east. no snow really for the atlanta area. the north georgia mountains will pick up some much the rain in some areas will change to snow as we talk about the northeasterly wind that will come down and drop those colder temperatures across the area. how much snow are we talking about? again, we have mentioned about alabama and mississippi already getting three inches of snow there. some areas even higher up in the winston county, northern parts of alabama. four inches of snow there. three to six inches. swated of western carolina southern virginia includes richmond area. the bigger snows in the higher terrain southwest virginia and extend into the smokies and it looks like again that will continue on into early tomorrow. can't evenliminate southern new jersey. could be 1 to 4 inches of snow in the extreme southern part of that state and dusting over eastern long island. if you don't like the weather, wait a little bit, look at the warm-up coming tomorrow to the southeast. back into the 50s so a quick meltdown, another surge of artic air invades the country though this weekend.
, cnn, atlanta. >> brutal. let's get caught up on other stories we're following. >> the family of former linebacker junior seau is suing the nfl and the helmet maker accusing them of wrongful death. >>> the faa says it's trying to figure out the cause of the electrical problems that have grounded boeing 787 dreamliner fleet around the world. the shutdown came last week after battery caught on fire in boston and another incident in japan. >>> and an inaugural official who asked not to be identified says beyonce lip-synched the national anthem at president obama's public swearing in on monday. the official says she didn't have time to rehearse the night before and decided to record her performance. there has been no comment from beyonce. >> the marine band also had preordered music. they were faking it as well i guess. >> everybody was faking it allegedly. >> i don't care. beyonce is great. >> she'll be at the super bowl february 3rd. get your leotard on. >> what? >> when she does "single ladies." whatever. >> digging yourself deeper there. coming up, a puppy's life is saved. you won't bel
than men are. and it's getting worse, shep. >> shepard: john roberts in atlanta. john, thanks. a massive fire rips through historic building on a college campus and that tops our news around the world in 80 seconds. turkey, the fire broke out last night at mansion on the boston strait in the capital city of istanbul. crews fought the flames from boats on the waterway. the build something now part of the university. no students inside at the time. officials say all faculty members got out safely and that an electrical fault like started the fire. greece, two separate crashes a few hundred yards apart triggered a deadly 28-car pileup on a highway in the north. at least one person died. more than 20 others hurt. officials say dense fog could be to blame. russia. dash cam video captured an elk dodging traffic as it tried to cross one of the country's busiest roads in moscow. you can seat animals slip and fall on the icy highway right in front of a moving vehicle. the elk got up and kept running alongside cars before apparently finding its way off the road. sing apoor. thousands of
they will finish business against baltimore. atlanta was able to stop colin kaepernick from running. no problem. he began showing off his pinpoint accuracy. that opened a little room for frank gore on the run. in short, pick your poison. just too many weapons. >> we went in with a solid game plan. we understood they were just trying to take away certain things that we do well. they tried to take away collin's running ability, but he made big plays with his arm. it's one of those things where you kind of like pick your poison. a lot of talented players on this team. you just got to keep on executing at a high level. >>> the 49er quarterback, his alma mater up in reno. the kaepernick craze. fans kissed the biceps by the hundreds, maybe the thousands. his jersey, the number one seller, the largest retail seller. >> pinpoint accuracy, man can he thread the needle. >> he is about as hot of a commodity as it can get. >>> construction of the new 49ers stadium in santa clara is leading the way when it comes to sustainable energy. the team said their new stadium will make as much energy as it uses during a
producing a lot of showers to the south down into the carolinas, down south and east of atlanta and you can see that that will generally stay to our south. we are not going to get any rain today. out to the west, we have high pressure and clearing skies and just like yesterday, way the bit of cloudiness here early, should be in for a mostly sunny and quiet weather pattern continuing here if the next couple of days. we'll go 40 today, sunshine and a cool afternoon. winds out of the west at about five to 10 miles per hour. and later tonight, clear skies, cold overnight. 30 your overnight low. this is your winds out of the west at five. here is your accu-weather seven- day forecast. tomorrow, more of the same with temperatures in the low 40s. by sunday, we'll be in the mid- 40s for that redskin game but we should be dry. that is good news. if you like warmer temperatures, look like we'll get a bit of a respite here with temperatures in the low 50s by tuesday and wednesday. julie wright will be celebrating. and she doesn't have to take a trip to florida this week. let's do some traffic. julie h
. atlanta, 53. washington, d.c., a high of 50. i'll leave you with a look at this, it includes the severe storm area. now, your local forecast is coming up in 30 seconds. >> coming up, we've got video and pictures of record snow from somewhere up here. you'll have to stick around to see it. for now, back to you. >> that game out of the way in miami just before the big rain. >> just in time. >> ginger, thanks very much. >>> coming up on "gma," dramatic, new details in the trial of the woman accused of killing her ex after he broke up with her. what the jury is learning, now, about the couple before their split. >>> and the million-dollar murder mystery around a lottery winner's death, just one day after he found out he had the winning ticket. >>> plus, brooke burke-charvet is here live speaking about her health struggle for the first time since her surgery. >> cannot wait to hear from her. >>> and josh is live in miami, where the fans have been celebrating all night long, josh. >> all night long, george. apparently, there's rain headed here. what do you say we get a couple of these newly m
's not pleasant. >> reporter: not pleasant and not warming up anytime soon. randi kaye, cnn, atlanta. >> it's brutal. let's get caught up on other stories we're following. here's isha way "360" bulletin. isha? >>> anderson, the family of former linebacker junior seau is suing the nfl and redell helmets accusing them of wrongful death. they claim his suicide last may was from a brain disease caused by violent hits he endured playing football. >>> the faa says it's still trying to figure out the cause of the electrical problems that have grounded boeing 787 dreamliner fleet right around the world. the shutdown came last week after a battery caught on fire in boston and another incident in japan. >>> apple reported record quarterly profits lly profits company just missed wall street expectations. analysts say cheaper older versions of apple's devices are hurting its profits. >>> and now the connection. attention parents. there's an app that can let you know if your teen is using their cell phone behind the wheel. it's called canary. it will send you real-time messages like this if your young
seneca falls and selma and stone wall. >> this week atlanta is hosting the creating change conference. it brings together 3,000 gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender advocates from across the country. stacey long is director of public policy at the national gay and lesbian task force. you heard what the president had to say in his address. how did you react to it? >> absolutely. it was just heartwarming, incredibly heartwarming, and it was a poignant moment in history. this was a president who has been by all accounts the most pro lgbt supportive president in the history of our country. and so to have him stand on that international stage and talk about the situation with our community in terms of our movement for equality and justice and situated squarely alongside seneca falls and selma, was just remarkable, incredible. >> same-sex marriage now across the country still being debated in statehouses, doe ma federally still in effect. where is it and where does it go from here? >> right. we have borked extensively on marriage equality issues, the task force has been responsible for cr
, republican. caller: i believe our public schools are failing us as a nation. i live in atlanta. many of our public schools in atlanta have been questioned or lost their accreditation because they are not meeting standards currently. our public schools are failing us as a nation. that is evidenced by many of your callers who don't have a very firm grasp of the english language. host: do you think the closing of a school that's not performing to a federally set standard is a fair move? caller: fair in an unachievable goal. i was told my entire life by my parents that life is not fair. life is not fair. host: glencore go on to brandon in dover, delaware, on our independent line. caller: how are you? nice show as usual. in delaware in my area we are having no problem with school closings. they are building more schools and bigger high schools and things of that nature. so we're having no problem here. do awaythink you should with the public schools. i have seen it being a problem because i used to travel a long way to school and i used to see houses out in the country. i used to think, sooner o
and atlanta, we did get information on him but it's not clear at the moment if he knows manti te'o or not. it was a hoax made all the more believable by his hushed mournful interviews, like the one he gave espn. >> i cried. i yelled. never felt that way before. this is six hours ago i just found out my grandma passed away and you take, you know, the love of my life. last thing she said to me was, i love you. >> but manti te'o's girlfriend, lennay kekua who reportedly died of luke be keem yeah never existed. who perpetrated it? pointing to a young man. cnn obtained a yearbook photo of him from 2008 when he was a senior in lancaster, california. deadspin, siting friends and relatives of his, says he created the girlfriend and spread the myth online. >> they told us that he has been doing this fake online profile for several years and that he's caught other people in its trap but that they caught on way earlier than manti te'o did. >> cnn cannot confirm his involvement. we went to his addresses for ronaiah tuiasosopo and caught up with his father. he wouldn't speak on camera bu
ahead. but the weather in atlanta? >> it's snowing. they had 3 inches in jackson. >> not going that way. >> thank you. >>> that's our report. we thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. >> be sure to join us for the news at noon on more for the changes of the restaurants in san francisco. we're always here for you at ktvu mobile.
will benefit out of this. >> the excitement only get bigger as va team does. >> meanwhile in atlanta getting a big christmas tree down from the roof of a macy's store did not turn out as planned. >> the crane removing it broke, leading to tree dangling. >> the tree fell into the roof of the store causing some damage. >> no one was hurt and firefighters eventually came to the rescue. >> we're tracking the weather here in the bay area and it is cold out. erica is tracking our numbers. the morning erica. >> good morning anny. temperatures similar to 24 hours ago. it may be a bit colder in your neighborhood. we are seeing 29 degrees in napa. freezing in vallejo. low '40's for oakland. santa rosa and chilly 28. you'll have to bundle up. it is a cold morning. although the national weather service did not issue a freeze warning or a frost advisory. we're seeing widespread areas of frost. you have to scrape off your windshield. there may be a black ice forming so drive with caution. temperatures will continue to jo drop as we head into sunrise. into the afternoon a warmer day ahead of bus. looking a
to its chicken offerings. they were tested successfully in atlanta and now chicago will get to try them. one thing that could keep them from going national is the increasing cost of wings. the prices have gone up on wings. >>> mcdonald's changing its name but only in australia. and only temporarily. the people of call it macs. it's in honor of australia day. [inaudible] >> well, the regular mcdonald's signs will return in early february. >>> the british-based virgin atlantic has chosen an american airline executive as its new chief executive officer. his name is craig eager. he's been a senior vice president with american for 23 years. he says he's looking forward to working for virgin atlantic now that it has a partnership with delta. he worked with the chief rival. british airways for sick years. that's when he headed up american -- merck -- american's -- american's asian and european operations. >>> samsung expects to report profits of 8.3 billion. that's higher than expected and up a mopping 89% from the -- whopping 89% from 2011. >>> a new report shows a big jump in holiday hiring.
is live in atlanta on this story year teaching cursive writing in schools and importance of it. indiana lawmakers are talking about a plan that could teach cursive handwriting to students. the education department dropped cursive writing as a requirement. they expected students to be more efficient in typing. this handwriting folks, it is a dying art. bill: you teach your kids to write letters, right? martha: absolutely. bill: good, smart, cool etiquette. martha: absolutely. bill: well-done. eye-popping numbers, bringing new calls to reform the u.s. tax code. we spend 6 billion hours a year doing taxes, folks. fox business network's charles payne with more on this how are you doing, charles? >> i admit i forgot how to write cursive. i tried to write a note recently. bill: apparently jack lew did too. listen, man, we can argue about the tax burden, about the time and you can argue about the tax burden of actually paying your darn taxes for crying out loud. but mercy, two heed. >> 6 billion hours. the gao did a study in 2005 said the inefficiency of the tax code, this is back then. the in
is the countries oldest and largest gay-rights organization. offices in chicago, dallas, and atlanta, and we litigate around the country and to public education on lgbt and hiv-r elated rights issues. host: republican line. gloria, good morning. caller: good morning, gentlemen. thank you for taking my call to my family is six generations and the great state of california, and we have seen many changes take place, especially with regard to the issues that are on your program today. i am sure you probably know that in the 1950's, the greektown of san diego -- not san diego, san francisco, passed the ordinance to protect homosexuals from being attacked. you would go to jail if you beat someone out or when after someone and cause them harm because of their sexual preference. but we've also seen in the great state of california this issue turned into a mainly a white, very well established, male- dominated issue. the men who are gay in this state are not pork, they are not an agitated, and they -- not poor, not uneducated, and they are long on opportunity. i think the issue of not allowing peopl
, south africa; nairobi, kenya; accra, ghana; new york city; atlanta, georgia; jackson, mississippi; or memphis, tennessee the cry is always the same "we want to be free." [applause] and another reason that i'm happy to live in this period is that we have been forced to a point where we're going to have to grapple with the problems that men have been trying to grapple with through history, but the demand didn't force them to do it. survival demands that we grapple with them. men, for years now, have been talking about war and peace. but now, no longer can they just talk about it. it is no longer a choice between violence and nonviolence in this world; it's nonviolence or nonexistence! [applause] that is where we are today. and also in the human rights revolution, if something isn't done, and done in a hurry, to bring the colored peoples of the world out of their long years of poverty, their long years of hurt and neglect, the whole world is doomed. [applause] now, i'm just happy that god has allowed me to live in this period, to see what is unfolding. allowedhappy that he's me to be
for response to the "usa today" report have gone unanswered. nick valencia, cnn, atlanta. >>> and coming up next on cnn "newsroom," what happened when the vice president met with video game makers as part of his gun violence task force? >>> and country star naomi judd talks guns. as in her own fwuns. find out what she thinks about the right to bear arms. here's a hint. >> i'm a registered vetted gun owner. but that's because i live way out in the country. new prilosec otc wildberry is the same frequent heartburn treatment as prilosec otc. now with a fancy coating that gives you a burst of wildberry flavor. now why make a flavored heartburn pill? because this is america. and we don't just make things you want, we make things you didn't even know you wanted. like a spoon fork. spray cheese. and jeans made out of sweatpants. so grab yourself some new prilosec otc wildberry. [ male announcer ] one pill each morning. 24 hours. zero heartburn. satisfaction guaranteed or your money back. satisfaction guaranteed are you flo? yes. is this the thing you gave my husband? well, yeah, yes. the "
little knit hat on. what a dramatic finish we saw in atlanta as well. the falcons kicked a field goal with 8 seconds remaining, they defeated the seahawks 38 to 28. they squandered a 28-point lead to see seattle really make a big run at it. the tpal cans were victorious. the 49ers meet th meet the packers in the other game next sunday. bill: they were great football games showing the rest of america that that truly is america's past type. it really is america's sport. baseball can take a back seat at lease this time of year. martha: you get no argument from me on that. bill: united airlines accused of running a sham office to avoid paying millions of dollars in taxes to the city of chicago. what does the airline say about that? rick leventhal here to explain. >> reporter: it is kind of strange. we've all heard about individuals and corporations basing officers and accounts offshore or overseas to avoid paying taxes. in this case it's a dispute over the 69 miles over chicago ancic a more, illinois. according to the regional transportation authority united airlines has been operating a
for us today from atlanta, georgia. hi, jonathan. >> reporter: good morning, martha. the big problem here is sequestration. although congress has delayed the automatic spending cuts until march, they have not delayed the uncertainty surrounding defense funding. watch. just miles from fort bragg, k-2 solutions trains dogs for police and military use. and provides research and development for equipment and weaponry. but the status of new defense contracts is unclear for this company that employs 274. >> in the past seven months we submitted eight proposals. two of them have been canceled. the other ones are in limbo for up to eight months. >> reporter: this disabled army veteran is ceo of a small company that markets facial recognition technology. >> we late last fall got turned down for funding twice because they said working for the federal government was too unstable. >> reporter: some companies can survive by marketing that irservices to a wide range of civilian needs. k2 trains these dogs to find virtually any type of object, in virtually any type of environment. >> k2 solutions is gro
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